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TOTAL AREA 14.085 m2

81 independent
commercial shops!

Terra Concept consists of 72 2+1, 54 1+1 and 81 commercial shop sections. The commercial areas are shaped in a shopping mall style and have a design that will contribute significantly to the economic structure of the region. It stands out as a great option for living or for your investments.

In Antalya's
Kepez region

Terra Concept, which has a construction area of 14,085 m2, consists of 4 blocks. With its location and mixed use project features, it has been designed to make the best use of geographical and climatic conditions. Due to its location, Kepez Mazı Mountain will give a new direction to the commercial life of the region.

54 Pieces of

Our attention to detail provides all the necessities of a living and working life in the city with smart design solutions. Terra Concept offers a great alternative to living and lucrative opportunities for your commercial investments.

As a mixed project, Terra Concept is a project that stands out with its commercial areas. Commercial areas consisting of 81 shop sections are designed in the concept of a shopping mall. It consists of residences in 4 blocks built on these commercial areas.

You will find quality craftsmanship and many features designed according to your needs in Terra Concept living spaces. We build the best for you by using the materials of many well-known and reliable brands... Our apartments are especially designed to contribute to your peace of mind while saving energy with heat and sound insulation.



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