In Pınarlar Group, we build high quality living spaces designed both for today and the future and are proud to put our signature on our projects. Our principle is to serve the community and to give infinite importance to the prosperity of our country.


We feel responsible to the community and we know that it is our duty to contribute to the community with both construction and tourism projects as we sincerely believe that the best investment is the investment in the future and the progress is achieved through well-educated citizens.


We care about the environment and we increase the natural resources to present for the benefit of the community. In Pınarlar Group, we shall continue to build living spaces that will advance the life qualities of our customers and build safe homes that corresponds fully with the context of functionality and aesthetics. With each initiative, we shall maintain our connection to humanity.


Sincerely, İbrahim SERT.

President of the Executive Board

President’s Message

34 Years of Experience